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"Assemblé" Gives MBIIs and Students Their Time in the Spotlight

AssembleLuz San Miguel. Photo: Michael S. Levine

“Romeo & Juliet” was the talk of the town last weekend. If you stopped by the Marcus Center to experience the show for yourself, you witnessed two of our leading artists (Davit Hovhannisyan and Luz San Miguel), or two of our rising stars (Alexandre Ferreira and Nicole Teague), break your hearts as Shakespeare’s cursed lovers.

If you looked carefully, you also saw the dancers in the Nancy Einhorn Milwaukee Ballet II Program (MBII) on stage. Some were the townspeople instigating the fights in the crowd scenes, others appeared as the haughty aristocrats in the Capulet Ball scene. The MBIIs are in a realm between student and professional. While they are not quite to a place in their careers where they can assume the leading roles (yet!), the production would not have been as grand or gorgeous without them.

This Sunday, these hard-working young artists get the opportunity to take center stage in their first studio show of the season, “Assemblé.”
While in the corps of the Milwaukee Ballet main stage productions gains these young trainees invaluable experience with a professional Company, these smaller studio productions put them in the spotlight, allowing them to further hone their performance skills. And, of course, it gives their friends and family (and the audience!) the opportunity to see them do what they love in an up-close-and-personal performance.

“Assemblé” also includes performances from the top tier of students from Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy. This show was originally conceived to bring these two classes of young dancers together, creating a unique experience for them and the audience. Assemblé” is, in fact, a ballet term meaning “assembled or joined together.” (If you look at the photo above, you can see the lovely Luz San Miguel demonstrating one.)

This year’s offering promises to showcase a variety of styles, ranging from curious contemporary pieces, to show-stopping jazz numbers, all the way to the classical works of Marius Petipa and Jules Perrot. And the price of $15 ($5 for children under 12) is hard to beat.

Catch these amazingly talented, dedicated young artists this Sunday. Then, you can say you saw them before they were Romeo or Juliet.