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Ballet for Non-Dancers: School & Academy to Feature New Fitness Classes

Ballet staff before classMe (back) with coworkers Angela Reilly, Molly Canan and Anna Steinmetz (l-r).

Hi, my name is Leslie Rivers, and I am not a dancer. As the Milwaukee Ballet marketing associate, I’m constantly surrounded by dancers, but I’m afraid mere proximity has done nothing for my turnout.

I have made small strides, thanks to the beginning ballet classes at Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy, a nice perk of being on staff. See, my childhood consisted more of pump fakes than pliés, and spikes than sautés, and this focus on sports gave me an early appreciation for fitness. Now, ballet class serves as a great workout in-between yoga classes and jogs along the lake, and I get a lesson in grace and posture along the way. It’s no wonder “ballet-inspired” fitness classes are all the rage.

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy is equally dedicated to providing a fun, results-oriented experience for non-dancers (like myself) as it is to training the next generations of ballet superstars. With this in mind, the School & Academy recently announced a new line of fitness classes, which begins next week. Dance Fitness, Pilates, Stretch and Core Flow classes offer a great option for fitness aficionados looking for a new challenge as well as for Renaissance-types just open to trying something new. I can tell you from personal experience, you’ll get in a great workout and make a few new friends. And, of course, there's the cool factor. In a recent interview, Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger revealed he takes ballet as a way to stay in shape. Want to get those "moves like Jagger"? We can help. No leotards required.

I personally invite you to stop by and try a class this summer. You can purchase them one-at-a-time, so give it a shot! You’ll see me -- and a few of my coworkers --  ready to welcome you as “the new kid.” I’ll be the one in the back corner, still trying to get my foot on the top barre.

Leslie Rivers
Marketing Associate