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Final Thoughts on "The Year of Pink" from Michael Pink

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Dearest Friends and Supporters:

As we wrap up the 2012-13 season, my 10th anniversary, and what the staff have dubbed “The Year Of Pink”, I spent a few moments reflecting on the purpose of various decades of my life.  The older I get, the faster these years seem to go. 

My first decade of life was all about coming to terms with very functional boring things; learning to stand on my own, wipe my own nose, and discovering my place in the universe.

The second decade was my academic and serious vocational training, learning to dance and pursuing my passions. I was also ‘dabbling’ in choreography.

My third decade, [actually from age 17] I was a paid professional dancer.  It was also the decade in my life when everything began to change, and my path became clear.  While enchanted with life as a dancer, my spirit was leading me in a different direction. The choreography was still developing; one or two prestigious awards and I left the ‘glamorous’ life of a dancer touring the world and moved into my fourth decade.

My fourth decade changed my view of what dance should and could be.  I focused on training and coaching other young minds, educating them in the power of dance narrative and how best to survive this demanding profession.  My association with Christopher Gable and Philip Feeney confirmed my belief that dance could be so much more.  This is when the choreographic identity took flight.

My fifth decade brought me to Milwaukee, you might say this has been the proving ground of sorts…implementing all the lessons learned and building a successful organization. Not just a dance company, but also a nationally accredited school with an international training company for aspiring professionals and outreach programs, as well as an International choreographic competition. I want to invest in the development of an organization that will outlast me.

Now, today I think we really are just beginning.  We have our “house” in order, and now its time to take this all to the next level. Ten years from now, we’ll have the national and international recognition of our programs and work, and enjoy great success in our new home through The Harmony Initiative.  Friends, the best is yet to come…

I have lots of stories left to tell in the next decade and thank you for being part of a great new chapter in Milwaukee Ballet’s present and future.