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Postcard from San Diego: Justin Genna and Nicole Teague

Justin and NicoleJustin Genna and Nicole Teague from the Ballet Ball 2010 photo shoot. Photo: Kimberly Bednarski Anderson

Justin and Nicole here checking in from San Diego - Hello!!!

We got in on the 5th of June and started rehearsing at Nicole's parents' studio for their upcoming student spring performance right away. Although this is the reason we came here, they cannot seem to keep us off the beach. We're waking up in sandy beds and Justin is desperately working off his farmer tan. We already lost one frisbee to the ocean.

Most of Nicole's family is coming into town to see us dance together and Nicole's little sister is graduating high school the following weekend. We've had about five days to put a 5 minute Pas de Deux together, working just about every morning and evening. The day after the show we're going camping in Big Bear! Hopefully we will be checking in again soon...that is if we don't get eaten by mountain lions.

Justin Genna and Nicole Teague
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