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Prom Memories from Milwaukee Ballet

As we prepare for Milwaukee Ballet’s most important fundraiser, this year themed
PROM THE BALL 2011, we couldn’t help but share our own prom stories around the office. Below are a few samples to get you in the mood:

Carolyn Muckelberg, Annual Campaign and Grants Manager, PROM 1989
When I was a freshman, I played violin in the high school orchestra. The first violin, Dan, was a junior. I was a bit of a class clown and he was very shy. It never occurred to me that he was the least bit interested in me until one day after rehearsal he asked if I would go to the prom with him. Of course I said yes. The day of the prom Dan arrived at my house to pick me up, meet my parents and take the requisite photo op on the front porch. However, when my dad saw the car that Dan was driving he was less than eager to turn his fourteen year old daughter (yes, I was that young) over for the evening. My family had recently purchased a new Cadillac and my father handed the keys over to Dan. Needless to say, Dan was a bit nervous and probably a little over cautious driving my father’s brand new car. White knuckled the entire evening, I don’t think he ever took his hands off the wheel!

Bill Rolon, Corporate and Donor Relations Manager, (Parents’) PROM 1962
This story is actually my Mom’s story. For her Prom, she really wanted to go with someone she would have fun with and dance with. She asked my now uncle Angelo to be her date, who at the time was a close friend of the family. The day of the Prom, he came by to my grandparents' house to tell everyone he had to work and would not be able to go. But,  he had arranged for his younger brother to take my Mom instead. Later that day my Dad showed up to pick up my Mom. She was not too pleased to be stuck going with someone she hardly knew, but he was a family friend so she went along with it. They left for the dance and got a flat tire on the way. My Dad changed the tire, essentially ruining his tux, but acted like a complete gentleman. And he turned out to be a pretty good dancer and a fun date. They have been happily married for over 47 years. Thanks Uncle Angelo for having to work on Prom night.

Kathleen Allen Crocker, Milwaukee Ballet Board Member/Special Events Committee Co-Chair, PROM 1976
Believe it or not, I was on my Prom Planning and Decorating Committee. Our Prom was at the War Memorial "Ballroom" and Post Prom was at the Pfister in the Grand Ballroom. It was the first time I drank Asti (and the last). I really remember my dress, which I made with a Vogue pattern and yards and yards and yards of white fabric. It had spaghetti straps and 3 or 4 layers to the skirt. As I was at an all-girls Catholic school, I was required to have a jacket or something to cover my shoulders so, I made a floor length sheer white coat with belled-sleeves and a tie at the neck. Then, I added the pièce de résistance --- a white ostrich feather boa around the neck.

Lori Flanigan, Education Assistant and Relevé Coordinator, PROM 2001
My friend and I were all dressed up and ready to take prom pictures with our dates, both of whom were in college. We were waiting and waiting and they were nowhere to be found. Finally, I got a hold of my date. He had forgotten it was prom and was in his underwear playing video games. He ended up making it to dinner and we had a great time, but my pictures before the prom are of just me and my friend waiting. The pictures are pretty funny because you can tell we were waiting a bit because the sky gets darker in each one! Like I said we ended up having a great time and I have a funny story to share. Besides forgetting me he was a great date, I went with him my senior year too.

For more information on Milwaukee Ballet's PROM The Ball 2011, contact Molly Canan at (414) 902-2114 or mcanan [at] milwaukeeballet [dot] org.