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Scholarship is a Testament to Milwaukee Ballet School

Milwaukee Ballet School received some exciting news last week: Angela Lisa Fiorini--a recent graduate of Milwaukee Ballet School--was awarded the Ruth DeYoung Kohler Scholarship for Artistic Excellence.

This is incredibly significant on several fronts:

1. This is the first time this award has been given to a dancer. Considering the crop of reality dance shows that have sprung up on television over the past few years, our culture is finally recognizing--and craving--dance talent.

2. The scholarship ($30,000–$40,000) will support Angela's enrollment at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music for Ballet. I'm elated to see such passion for dance in Milwaukee Ballet School students. The desire to continue pursuing dance after graduating from the School couldn't make me happier and more proud.

3. Out of 300 applicants, Angela is one of ten students accepted into the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music for Ballet for the upcoming fall semester. There is no doubt that Angela deserves this opportunity. Her passion for dance has always been apparent at Milwaukee Ballet School. In 2008 she received the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Milwaukee Ballet Friends’ Schomer Lichtner Scholarship in recognition of her development as an artist.

What does this mean to us? It's another testament that the School's curriculum, instruction and guidance deservingly place Milwaukee Ballet School as one of the top five ballet schools in the United States. Years of hard work by School staff and instructors, persistence and drive from students, and a huge commitment from parents continues to recognize Milwaukee Ballet School under the national spotlight as it duly deserves.

Milwaukee Ballet Company and Milwaukee Ballet School proudly congratulate Angela on this outstanding achievement.