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Spotlight On: Eric Schofield, The Unlikely Ballet Fan

When Eric Schofield first stepped into the Milwaukee Ballet administrative offices, he was merely seeking a job. The recent UW-Whitewater graduate had just earned a degree in accounting and was looking to get his career started.

“I didn’t apply for every job out there, though,” he says. “This job appealed to me because of how much Milwaukee Ballet gives back to the community.”

Eric's perpetually positive disposition and go-get-‘em attitude soon won over the staff, and is a major reason they voted him Employee of the Month for January 2014.

You’re more likely to find Eric on a basketball court than in a ballet studio, but he’s enjoying learning about the artform and getting to know the dancers that comprise our Company.

“It is a unique place,” notes Eric. “The things you hear and see here – from people singing in the hallways to dancers in tights and legwarmers using the postal machine – are, well, interesting,” he says with a laugh.

But don’t worry; Eric has accepted “the crazy” whole-heartedly, and it wasn’t long before he was donning tights himself. He made his stage debut earlier this season by playing a guard in “Romeo & Juliet.”

“My co-workers kind of forced me to do it,” he says with a smile, “but I’m glad I did. It was interesting to see all the extra work that goes in behind-the-scenes that most people don’t realize.”

In his spare time, Eric is a certified “good guy,” coaching 7th and 8th grade basketball teams at his neighborhood school and spending time with his family. In the office, Eric is a reliable source for a high-five and will always stop you to ask, “How is your day going?”

Though he’s laid-back, he’s become passionate about the work Milwaukee Ballet does.

“I think a lot of people have a pre-conceived idea about what we do here,” says Eric. “People see the final product on-stage, and it’s easy for them to forget that our Company dancers are high-level athletes who really push and stretch themselves day in and day out. Literally.”