En Face

Things are Intense Around Here!

We recently welcomed 150 aspiring young dancers age 11 and up from three countries and 20 states participating in Milwaukee Ballet School’s 2009 Summer Intensive Program. It’s rewarding, and incredibly significant, to see so many youth seeking out our program—another testimony to the School’s quality.

For those unfamiliar with a ballet summer intensive program, it’s really all in the name: a truly intense ballet training experience over the summer. Some would say it’s ballet camp, but yet it’s something so much more. If I can equate it to anything I’d compare it to a college internship, and yet keep in mind that the majority of our students are pre-teens and teens. It’s an opportunity for young dance students to try out the ballet life-style to see if it’s the right fit for them, and sometimes vice-versa.

The Summer Intensive Program provides students with a daily schedule comparable to that of a professional dancer. The majority of their time is spent in the studio receiving tremendous technical and artistic training along with a healthy dose of personal growth.

And just as is the life of a professional dancer, these young students will take their talent to the stage in Emergence 2009, a public performance to showcase their original, classical and contemporary choreography.

Welcome and good luck to all of our guests....we anxiously await the fruits of your labors.

Michael Pink, Artistic Director