Luc Vanier
Choreographer, Sur_Rendered

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Luc is an associate professor in the Dance Department at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts and the recipient of the 2009 Wisconsin Arts Board Award for Choreography. Originally from Montreal, he studied at L'Ecole Superieur du Quebec under Daniel Seillier. In 1998, he retired from Ohio Ballet having danced a variety of roles such as the Workman in Kurt Jooss’ Big City, the Third Song of Anthony Tudor’s Dark Elegies, as well as the leads in George Balanchine’s Allegro Brillante and Paul Taylor’s Aureole among others. Mr. Vanier was also a company choreographer; his dance Square Play, with a score by Libby Larson, was presented as part of the Company’s 1995 Joyce season in NYC. He both received his MFA from the University of Illinois and became a certified Alexander teacher in 2001. His research on linking the Alexander Technique, developmental movement and Ballet is at the forefront of integrating somatic work into the dance class and has been presented at various conferences and workshops throughout the United States, Russia, Australia and next fall in the Netherlands. He is presently co-writing a book with Rebecca Nettl-Fiol to be published by the University of Illinois Press titled Exploring the Missing Link: Alexander Technique, Developmental Movement and Dance Training. (The first book applying the Alexander Technique to dance technique teaching) His works Bob’s Palace (Feb 2003) and Dreaming Meat (Feb 2004) were the culmination of four years of collaboration with the Beckman Institute. Presentations on his works have been seen at SIGGRAPH 2003 among others. In Milwaukee, he choreographed Cat’s Cradle with Kurt Hartwig, Somewhere with music from Christopher Burns, Frog with animation from Evan Mazureski, “e’s of water,” with John Toenjes. Last June, a new collaboration merging the visuals of Leslie Vansen and the music and interactive designs of Chris Burns, Triptych, with Chris Burns and Leslie Vansen was presented at the Kenilworth Square East building. Mr. Vanier also partners with Elizabeth Johnson as a dancer and Associate Director of the scrappy hybrid Ballet/Modern dance theater company Your Mother Dances.