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Jim Moscicke: Ballet is a Family Affair

Our relationship with Milwaukee Ballet in 1993. We were looking for a new ballet school for our daughter Jackie, who you now know as Company dancer Jacqueline Moscicke. We wanted her to get the best ballet training possible and since the Milwaukee Ballet School had a reputation for great ballet training and the Company is one of the best in the nation it was a natural choice. It wasn't long before we were asked to be on the parents’ board and  volunteer with the school helping as backstage dressing room monitors for The Nutcracker. It was a great opportunity for us as a family to get involved. My wife Kris and I still work at the reception desk Saturday mornings.

With the time we spent at Milwaukee Ballet it became our second home. We would be there every night for Jackie’s classes, leaving home in the morning at 6 a.m. and not returning until 9:30 p.m. that night. Our son Michael would do his homework in the second floor studio lounge, but Jackie would stay up late to do her homework and even graduated a year early so that she could join the Nancy Einhorn Milwaukee Ballet II trainee program.

The most challenging part of being a parent of a child in training is dealing with the raw emotions that come along with the ballet. The highs of all the accomplishments, promotions, and opportunities, and the lows of fatigue, rehearsing, stress and injuries. But the challenges have made as all closer as a family.

Our local community of Sussex, Wisconsin has been following Jackie’s training and career throughout the years. We are often stopped at the grocery store, drug store, restaurants, etc. and people mention Jackie and want an update on what is going on with her career. Michael ran into one of his college friends and found out she had been following Jackie’s career for several years now and did not know Michael was her brother. It was a nice surprise for the both of them at this season's performance of The Nutcracker where Michael introduced her to Jackie. We have also become good friends with Jackie’s sponsor, Bob Dohmen, and his family. We already had a family connection with Bob but it was nice to see him and get to know him better. It seems whatever we do or where ever we go it has something to do with Milwaukee Ballet. We have grown up and grown together as a ballet family.

Jim Moscicke