En Face

Preparing for the Big 4-0

Things are in motion as we prepare our 40th anniversary season, especially the world premiere of Peter Pan. Costume designer Judanna Lynn is searching far and wide for the perfect fabrics to match her stunning sketches. Stage designer Rick Graham is working with the design team to create an intricate system of staging, rigging and scenery required for a show of this magnitude. Internationally acclaimed composer Philip Feeney has completed the first 30 minutes of the original score and will finish the entire piece in the coming months. And yes, if you’ve been wondering, Peter Pan will indeed fly!

We’re kicking off the 40th on August 26 at the Milwaukee Art Museum with a very unique event titled “Tutu Retro”. To prepare for the celebration, we’ve been combing through our archives to create a visual history of Milwaukee Ballet's costumes, poster art and other historic exhibits from the last four decades. It’s been an intense project taken on by volunteers and staff, so thank you to all of them. This event is truly going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However speaking of retro tutus, let me be clear that there will not be any tie-dye tutus at this event—sorry to disappoint.

I’ll also share a reminder that a subscription is the best way to experience our world-class entertainment. It’s unbelievable to me that a Milwaukee Ballet season package starts at $60. I remind subscribers that they receive the very best pick of seats to spectacular performances like Cinderella, The Nutcracker and Peter Pan. I can’t find another same caliber ballet company that offers the quality work we do at Milwaukee Ballet…and at such an incredible value. Milwaukee is very lucky indeed.

Michael Pink
Artistic Director