Audition information

To Potential Milwaukee Ballet II Dancers
A letter from Michael Pink

Mengjun Chen and Chiharu Yamamoto.  Photo: Jenn Mazza
As Artistic Director for the Milwaukee Ballet Company and School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our Summer Dance Program and the Nancy Einhorn Milwaukee Ballet II Program audition process.

If you have already made the commitment to be a professional dancer, you must know you have chosen possibly one of the most demanding professions. As you continue your vocational training, always remember you are among a very small minority of persons who have the opportunity to work in a profession they love. Your passion and commitment must always feed you. This is not "just" a job, this is a way of life. Do not waste one single minute of the precious little time you will have as a professional student and dancer. Do not neglect your mind. Remember there is a world outside of dance, a world you will have to return to, at some point.

Having spent a good deal of my career associated with the training of young dancers, I believe passionately in the development of the artist from early training and throughout a career. I also realize just how important it is to continue the development of the artist as an individual, even after they have become a professional.

Rolando Yanes, Alyson Chavez, the Artistic Staff, and I have the responsibility to create and provide a working environment in which you can continue to develop and grow as an individual and artist. You should constantly strive for self-improvement. The art form, by its nature, is one in which we must accept that we will fail more often than succeed. Accept this, and you will grow. There are no rights or wrongs; there are only choices. If you make a choice, you make it because you believe it to be the best at the time; tomorrow you may make a different choice.

If you choose to audition for the Milwaukee Ballet II program, remember: Talent is work, work, and more work. Wishing you every success.

Michael Pink,
Artistic Director

A Letter from Nancy Einhorn

Welcome to the Milwaukee Ballet School summer program. This audition period could lead to an exciting year's journey, a program of study that will expand your mind, as well as your ballet skills. As an Milwaukee Ballet II dancer, you have the opportunity to study ballet under the excellent faculty of the Milwaukee Ballet School, and be associated with the dancers and the entire artistic staff of the Milwaukee Ballet Company.

Your year will consist of a rigorous program of ballet training, and your horizons will be expanded by the reading you will do, the arts performances you will attend and critique, the collaborations in which you will be a part, and the ballet performances you will undertake. When you complete your year as an Milwaukee Ballet II trainee, you will have acquired valuable skills that will serve you well in the world of dance or any other world you choose to enter.

I wish you success this summer as you audition for the Milwaukee Ballet II program.

Nancy Einhorn
Milwaukee Ballet Board