A Note Regarding CAMPAC Funding

Dear Milwaukee Ballet patron:

Milwaukee County CAMPAC (Cultural, Artistic & Musical Programming Advisory Council) is a long-standing initiative of the Milwaukee County Board that goes back to 1986. Originally designed as a means for groups to offset the expense of performing at the Marcus Center for the Arts, CAMPAC has grown to providing grants to art, cultural and music offerings across the county.


The County Executive’s proposed budget “suspended” funding for CAMPAC in 2012. We are recommending and requesting that the County Board of Supervisors restore CAMPAC funding at the same level proposed for the other arts programs funded in the Milwaukee County Budget. This would mean a 15% reduction from the previous funds of $377,688 to $321,035 for 2012.

What does CAMPAC support mean for Milwaukee Ballet?
As one of the largest performing arts organizations in the city, Milwaukee Ballet produces over 40 performances each year at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Along with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Florentine Opera and First Stage, a reduction in county support for this facility will be passed on to these groups through increased fees and expenses. With the elimination of support for individual organizations, this would effectively create a double hit on the operating and producing expenses of these major arts groups.

The arts stimulate neighborhood development – whether it’s the Florentine Opera’s new center in Riverwest, Latino Arts on the near Southside, or new galleries in Walker’s Point, the arts make our neighborhoods stronger and more stable. The Milwaukee Ballet headquarters is a key stimulus to the success of the Walker’s Point neighborhood. Milwaukee Ballet is a $5.5 million organization that has created a fertile environment for the growth of smaller arts organizations like Bucketworks, Arts@Large and the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts in recent years.

Though elimination of CAMPAC funding might not end organizations like Milwaukee Ballet, it does diminish our ability to leverage other funding.

We urge you to contact your County Supervisor immediately to ask that CAMPAC funding not be eliminated entirely from the budget, but restored at a reduced level (85%). Please go to the following link to contact your county board supervisor:


Dennis Buehler
Dennis Buehler
Executive Director