Milwaukee Ballet Repertoire


Swan Lake  |  Michael Pink

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

Originals: Gelem Gelem  |  Nelly van Bommel
Originals: Strangeland  |  Price Suddarth [World Premiere]
Originals: The Kids Have Names  |  Timothy O’Donnell [World Premiere]

Hunchback of Notre Dame *  |  Michael Pink

Peter Pan * |  Michael Pink

Encore: La Bayadère  |  Marius Petipa
Encore: Aubade  |  Francis Poulenc
Encore: Esmeralda Pas de Deux  |  Jules Perrot
Encore: Graduation Ball  |  David Lichine
Encore: Can I Say Something  |  Riccardo de Nigris


Connect: Chaminade  |  Dani Rowe [World Premiere]
Connect: Flight Andew  |  Darrell Grand Moultrie [World Premiere]
Connect: Purple Fools  |  Mauro de Candia

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

Genesis: Aftermath  |  Price Suddarth [World Premiere]
Genesis: Not As We Expected  |  Nadine Barton [World Premiere]
Genesis: Vignettes  |  DaYoung Jung [World Premiere]

Push: El Maestro  |  Stephanie Maritnez [World Premiere]
Push: Extremely Close  |  Alejandro Cerrudo
Push: SixthBreatH  |  Aleix Mañé [World Premiere]

Beauty and the Beast *  |  Michael Pink


NOTE: This was a modified season with small performances in our home studio due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Nutcracker: Short & Sweet  |  Michael Pink
To The Pointe: Chopin Etudes  |  Timothy O’Donnell
To The Pointe: Classical Symphony  |  Michael Pink [World Premiere]
To The Pointe: Le Corsaire Pas de Deux  |  Marius Petipa
To The Pointe: Pas de Quatre  |  Jules Perrot

To The Pointe: Swan Lake Pas de Deux  |  Marius Petipa

Re.Gen: Bolero  |  Timothy O’Donnell
Re.Gen: Pagliacci  |  Mariana Oliveira
Re.Gen: The Noise of Whispers  |  Enrico Morelli

Encore: A Day in the Life (Blackbird, Honey Pie, Julia)  |  Trey McIntyre
Encore: Don Quixote Act 3
Encore: ExiliO Pas de Deux  |  Aleix Mañé
Encore: Giselle Peasant Pas de Deux
Encore: Nous Sommes  |  Jimmy Gamonet
Encore: Raymonda

2019/20 Season

Coppélia  |  Michael Pink

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

Ballet Russe Reimagined: I Do, Don’t I?  |  Garrett Glassman [World Premiere]
Ballet Russe Reimagined: Sacre  |  Timothy O’Donnell [World Premiere]
Ballet Russe Reimagined: The Firebird: Rise  |  Nicole Teague-Howell [World Premiere]

*Season was cut short due to COVID-19 pandemic.

2018/19 Season

Dracula  |  Michael Pink*

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

Genesis 2019: Spur  |  Cass Mortimer Eipper [World Premiere]
Genesis 2019: ExiliO  |  Aleix Mañé [World Premiere]
Genesis 2019: Beyond the Break  |  Kenneth Tindall [World Premiere]

Lambarena  |  Val Caniparoli
Compieta  |  Enrico Morelli [World Premiere]
Albatross  |  George Williamson [World Premiere]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream  |  Bruce Wells

2017/18 Season

La Bohème * |  Michael Pink

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

MXE Milwaukee Mixed: Affixed |  Garrett Glassman [World Premiere]
MXE Milwaukee Mixed: Conflux |  Petr Zahradnícek [World Premiere]
MXE Milwaukee Mixed: more truth than poetry |  Timothy O’Donnell [World Premiere]
MXE Milwaukee Mixed: Pull |  Nicole Teague-Howell [World Premiere]
MXE Milwaukee Mixed: We Roam  |  Isaac Sharratt [World Premiere]

Beauty and the Beast * – Michael Pink [World Premiere]

Swan Lake * – Michael Pink

2016/17 Season

Scheherazade  |  Kathryn Posin

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

Genesis 2017: Pagliacci  |  Mariana Olivera [World Premiere]
Genesis 2017: The Noise of Whispers  |  Enrico Morelli [World Premiere]
Genesis 2017: Wanderers  |  George Williamson [World Premiere]

Sans Pleurer  |  Timothy O’Donnell [World Premiere]
La Sylphide  |  August Bournonville, staged by Dinna Bjørn

Mirror Mirror *  |  Michael Pink

2015/16 Season

Dracula *  | Michael Pink

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

Dorian Gray *  |  Michael Pink [World Premiere]

Kaleidoscope Eyes: Addendum  |  Garrett Smith [World Premiere]
Kaleidoscope Eyes: The Sixth Sin  |  Timothy O’Donnell [World Premiere]
Kaleidoscope Eyes: A Day in the Life  |  Trey McIntyre

ALICE (in wonderland)  |  Septime Webre

Angels in the Architecture  |  Mark Godden

2014/15 Season

Don Quixote  |  Michael Pink

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

Genesis 2015: Can I Say Something?…  |  Riccardo de Nigris [World Premiere]
Genesis 2015: Re: Connection*  |  Matthew Tusa [World Premiere]
Genesis 2015: Mortal Form*  |  Garrett Smith [World Premiere]

Giselle 1943 *  |  Michael Pink

Cinderella *  |  Michael Pink

2013/14 Season

Romeo & Juliet  |   Michael Pink

The Nutcracker  |  Michael Pink

Spring Series: Our Waltzes  |  Vicente Nebrada
Spring Series: In Passing  |  Amy Seiwert [World Premiere]
Spring Series: Something Borrowed  |  Matthew Neenan [World Premiere]

Mirror Mirror * – Michael Pink [World Premiere]

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