The Story

Belle feels disenchanted by the real world and finds inspiration in the fantasy worlds of her books. Her love of reading unknowingly prepares her for an adventure in the Beast’s castle. Featuring Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra and Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy. This enchanting production is the perfect finale of our Season of Inspiration.

Annia Hidalgo. Photo Rachel Malehorn.

Milwaukee Ballet Company. Photo Mark Frohna.

" Michael Pink's choreography dazzles the eye and moves the spirit.”

- Kelsey Lawler, Broadway World Milwaukee

Tale as old as time, told anew

A fairy tale fantasy for the family! Michael Pink tells the beloved story of love and redemption.

An Enchantress casts a spell on a cold-hearted Prince, transforming into a Beast. The curse can only be broken when someone chooses to stay with him of their own free will. Rejected and alone, he learns the meaning of empathy now that his happiness depends on someone seeing beyond his disfigured form.

Belle is an outcast in her village, yearning for an adventure like the ones she reads in her books. Now a prisoner, she must rely on what she has learned in her stories to overcome her captor’s beastly behavior.

Will the two find their happily ever after?


Michael Pink’s vision comes to life with a cast of dancers that dazzle on stage and transport you into another world, a gorgeous score composed by Philip Feeney and performed by the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra, elaborate sets designed by Todd Edward Ivins, and unforgettable costumes designed by Paul Giagles. Gather your family and friends and experience this amazing performance!



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