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The classic journey from servant to princess is given new life in Michael Pink’s interpretation of this family-friendly tale. Delight in fairy godmothers, glass slippers, and a pumpkin carriage that all conspire to deliver Cinderella to a new world of fantasy, love, and beauty. Dancers from the Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy will join our Company onstage, and Sergei Prokofiev’s magical score will be performed by the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra in this unforgettable performance. 

"Graceful, eloquent, sparkling"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Story

Cinderella is ostracized by her stepmother and stepsisters; demoted to the rank of servant in the household. Nevertheless, she remains hopeful and is looked after by her guardian angel, Jack, the houseboy, and the spirit of her mother. When they receive word of the Prince’s ball, the stepmother and stepsisters excitedly prepare but spitefully ruin Cinderella’s only dress. The enchanted fairies and spirits of the forest create the materials needed to send Cinderella to the ball beautifully dressed.

There Cinderella meets the Prince, who falls deeply in love with her upon first sight. When the clock strikes midnight, the magic wears off and she disappears from the ball. The Prince must search the kingdom for the mysterious girl of his dreams with only a glass slipper to guide him.

The run time for Cinderella is two hours and 15 minutes, including two 25-minute intermissions. This ballet is recommended for all adults and children age 4 and older. Generally, if your child can pay attention to a full-length movie in a cinema, they will probably be able to enjoy the ballet.



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