The Story

The beautiful dancer Esmeralda is condemned by Archdeacon Frollo as depraved, yet he finds himself lusting after her and plots to have her kidnapped. Phoebus, the Captain of the Guard, intervenes and begins to seduce Esmeralda. Enraged, Frollo murders Phoebus and frames Esmeralda, but she is rescued by the beleaguered hunchback Quasimodo, who provides her with sanctuary in the belfry of Notre Dame Cathedral. Tragically, it is not enough to save her from a horrifying end caused by the evil men around her and the unjust power they wield.

Ryan Martin. Photo Mark Frohna.

Before you attend the performance, learn about the rich history and characters that populate the story of Hunchback of Notre Dame.


Audience Guide

Program Information

Running time is approximately two hours and 27 minutes with two twenty-minute intermissions. This ballet contains adult themes and therefore is recommended for audience members age 16 and older.

Featured Dancers

Cast A: Esmeralda | Marize Fumero

Cast A: Quasimodo | Garrett Glassman

Cast A: Archdeacon Frollo | Davit Hovhannisyan

Cast A: Captain Phoebus | Parker Brasser-Vos

Cast B: Esmeralda | Lahna Vanderbush

Cast B: Quasimodo | Parker Brasser-Vos

Cast B: Archdeacon Frollo | Craig Freigang

Cast B: Captain Phoebus

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