Paris’ greatest love story

Michael Pink’s passionate La Bohème breathes new life into Puccini’s iconic opera. Follow the saga of Rodolfo and Mimi, who meet by chance Christmas, and watch their love story unfold.

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Milwaukee Ballet Company | Photo: Mark Frohna

Luz San Miguel & Davit Hovhannisyan | Photo: Mark Frohna

Operatic works are so often weighed down by their own grandness that they cannot move. In contrast Pink's "La Bohème" is light, airy and youthful - both visually and theatrically.

The Story

Meet the Bohemians – young artists living their lives free of convention and full of passion in 1950s Paris. Rodolfo, a poet, and Mimi, a seamstress, touch hands for the first time, and their love story begins.

The Music

Puccini’s celebrated opera is reinterpreted through the unparalleled power of a live dance performance. His captivating arias are now passionate pas de deuxs. Experience this unforgettable story in a brand new way. Each performance will feature live music from the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra.

Featured Dancers

Davit Hovhannisyan - Rodolfo (Th, Sat)

Luz San Miguel - Mimi (Th, Sat)

Timothy O'Donnell - Marcello (Th, Sat)

Annia Hidalgo - Musetta (Th, Sat)

Garrett Glassman - Colline (Th, Sat)

Parker Brasser-Vos - Schaunard (Th, Sat)

Patrick Howell - Rodolfo (F, Sun)

Nicole Teague-Howell - Mimi (F, Sun)

Isaac Sharratt - Marcello (F, Sun)

Marize Fumero - Musetta (F, Sun)

Barry Molina - Colline (F, Sun)

Randy Crespo - Schaunard (F, Sun)

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