A Romantic Tragedy

The beautiful princess Odette is transformed into a swan by an evil sorcerer. Experience Odette’s journey as she seeks eternal love to break the spell. Michael Pink explains “this version of Swan Lake is deeply rooted in the classical tradition. I see this as an age-old power struggle for dominance and good triumphing over evil.” 

Pink has shortened the traditional four-act ballet to two acts because, as in all of his full-length ballets, he wants the audience to have a clearer sense of the story and the characters.  Pink’s version blends classical dance with a relentless story all the way to the thrilling end.

Luz San Miguel and Valerie Harmon | Photo: Brian Lipchik

Valerie Harmon | Photo: Jessica Kaminski

"There is no better ballet to show off the skill and grace of a company of world-class professional dancers, and that’s exactly what Pink does..."


The Music

Be whisked away by the Waltz and swirl with the Dance of the Swans. Tchaikovsky’s classic score will be played live by Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra.


Any fan of classical music, ballet enthusiast or not, should see this performance. I doubt you will hear a more moving rendition of Tchaikovsky’s iconic score than the one presented by the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra.” – Onmilwaukee.com

A Timeless Classic

There’s a reason Swan Lake is regarded as the quintessential ballet,” says Artistic Director Michael Pink. “The story of yearning and heartache is one of the most compelling in all of ballet, and it’s one of the most mentally and physically demanding challenges a dancer can face.”

Considered to be the peak of artistry and athleticism, the roles of Odette (the white swan) and Odile (the black swan) are heralded among young dancers.

Running time for this performance is 2 hours and 5 minutes.


Featured Dancers

Luz San Miguel (Odette) - evenings

Marize Fumero (Odile) - evenings

Davit Hovhannisyan (Siegfried) - evenings

Nicole Teague-Howell (Odette) - matinees

Annia Hidalgo (Odile) - matinees

Randy Crespo (Siegfried) - matinees

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