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How does SMS ticketing work?
You simply provide your mobile phone number to the Box Office and you will receive a text message containing a link to your Milwaukee Ballet tickets.

Do I need to download the tickets to my phone?
You are not required to download the tickets to your phone. Tickets can be scanned right from the link. However, we do recommend downloading the tickets to your phone in advance because WiFi and mobile service can be unreliable at the Marcus Performing Arts Center.

I want to download the tickets to my phone. How do I do that?
Once you receive a text message containing the link to your tickets, tap the link and bring up your tickets. On the bottom of the screen you will see an icon that says “Save to phone.” Tap this icon and follow the prompts. Your tickets will be downloaded to either your Google wallet or your Apple wallet depending on what type of smartphone you have. IMPORTANT: Be sure to download each ticket, not just the first one. For example: if you have four total tickets, you will need to tap “Save to phone” on all four tickets.

Can I forward SMS/eTickets to a friend/family member?
Yes! You can forward the text message to a friend or family member so that they may download the tickets to their phone. IMPORTANT: If you’ve already downloaded the tickets to your own smartphone and would like to forward them, make sure to go into your Google wallet or Apple wallet app and remove the tickets before forwarding the text message. This will allow your friend/family members to download them into their own Google or Apple wallet.

Do I need to download the Ticketmaster app in order to get SMS/eTickets?
No. Tickets are accessed through the link in the text message. If you choose to download the tickets, they will be saved to your Google wallet or Apple wallet. At no point will you need the Ticketmaster app.

Can I have my tickets printed and texted to me so I can choose which ones I want to use later?
No, a ticket cannot exist in both forms. You must choose if you want it texted or printed. However, you may request that some tickets are texted to you and that some are printed. For example, if you’ve ordered four tickets and want two printed to give as a gift to someone else, and two texted to you for personal use, that is possible. You just need to communicate this to the Box Office when requesting or ordering your tickets.

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