COVID-19 Hotline

Please call the School & Academy Team at (414)-334-1114 to report COVID-19 related symptoms, close contact cases, or positive test results.

All absences should also be reported using our online Absence Report Form or by calling (414)-902-2150.

Health & Safety Protocols

Please carefully review our Health & Safety protocols for your student’s branch. This includes general guidelines for attending classes, as well as our protocols in the event of COVID-19 symptoms or potential cases. The final page of each branch protocol packet shows a diagram of the studio, and how and where students should enter and exit the building. To plan for your student’s first week of classes, please watch the short video and study the diagrams with your student to understand how to enter and exit the building based on their studio for class that day.


If you have a question that has not been answered after reviewing our branch Health & Safety Protocol packets, please reach out to MBSA Administrator Alyx Johnson at