The strongest performances are built from within.

Meaning: What we see onstage is the result of countless hours of toil, sweat, failure and resilience.  It is only by becoming a stronger person on the inside that we get to the seemingly effortless level of confidence exuded by our students.

This is as true in life as it is in dance.

2021 Spring Showcase

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy will present a brand new, all-school 2021 Spring Student Showcase featuring exciting, new choreography created for MBSA students by Artistic Director Michael Pink. The 2021 showcase will not have live performances; rather, each class will be professionally and individually filmed in our Baumgartner Center for Dance’s We Energies Performance Studio.

All classes Pre-Ballet I and up will rehearse during their regularly scheduled classes. Mandatory tech rehearsals and filming dates in May have been assigned for each class, as well. Students attending in-person classes are eligible to participate but must maintain regular class attendance and attend their scheduled tech rehearsal and filming dates.

Full details for mandatory rehearsals, filming dates, and more can be found in the Spring Student Showcase Family Guide.
Download the Family Guide | updated May 5, 2021

parent volunteers

The Spring Student Showcase will not be a success without many family volunteers. We hope you will give some of your time to make the show run as smoothly as
possible by volunteering for one of these options. All volunteers will report to the Baumgartner Center for Dance 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled class’ arrival time.

All volunteers who are new as of Fall 2019 must complete a Milwaukee Ballet Volunteer Application. This application will be valid for up to 2 years from submission date.

Volunteers for Baumgartner Center for Dance Classes
Volunteers for Riverpoint Village Classes
Volunteers for Towne Centre Classes

Dress Rehearsal Day Volunteers (May 18, 19, 20) and Filming Day Volunteers (May 22, 23)

  • 1 volunteer needed per class
  • Supervise and maintain social distancing among students in the rehearsal studio where they rehearse and
    wait their turn to tech or film
  • At designated time, escort class to tech/filming studio
  • When they are done with tech/filming, escort students back to rehearsal studio to collect belongings
  • Supervise and assist the class until each child has been picked-up by a parent
costumes and dress code

Additional costume pieces will not be used for this showcase. All students must wear proper class attire per the MBSA Dress Code as well as a well-fitting solid white facemask to dress rehearsals and the filming dates. Students may wear any brand or style solid white facemask. Limited white Bloch facemasks in adult and youth sizes are available for purchase through the Milwaukee Ballet Boutique for your convenience, although pick-up is not an option and orders will be shipped. Bloch masks are not required, and students may wear any well-fitting, solid white facemask.  Students must wear street shoes and cover ups or street clothes over their class attire when coming and leaving the studios.

Review the MBSA Dress Code here.

Please review the 2021 Spring Student Showcase Family Guide above for more details regarding hair and make-up.

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