The strongest performances are built from within.

What we see onstage is the result of countless hours of toil, sweat, failure and resilience.  It is only by becoming a stronger person on the inside that we get to the seemingly effortless level of confidence exuded by our students.

This is as true in life as it is in dance.

2022 Spring Showcase

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy is proud to present Alice in Wonderland, an all-school 2022 Spring Student Showcase originally created by former MBSA Director Rolando Yanes. The 2022 showcase returns to the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center (SMPAC) stage for four live performances.

All classes Pre-Ballet I and higher will rehearse during their regularly scheduled classes. Mandatory dress rehearsals and performance dates in May have been assigned for each class, as well. All students enrolled in Pre-Ballet I through Academy II as of January 23, 2022 are eligible to participate, but must maintain regular class attendance and attend their scheduled dress rehearsal and performances.

Alice in Wonderland Showcase Family Guide | updated April 28, 2022

Please reach out to Alyx Johnson, MBSA Administrator, with any questions regarding the 2022 Spring Showcase.

  • Tickets on sale Thursday April, 14

    Tickets purchased before May 26 are $23 each for all attendees ages 3 and up. Children under 3 years of age are free, but a ticket is still required. Tickets purchased on May 26 or later will be $30 each.  Please save time and money by purchasing your tickets in advance!

    All tickets are reserved seating and will be on sale through the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center Box Office. Tickets are not available through Milwaukee Ballet and student discounts do not apply.

    • Tickets are available online only starting at 10am on Thursday, April 14 at
    • Tickets may be purchased via phone starting Friday, April 15. Call the SMPAC Box Office at (414) 766-5049. Box office hours are Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm.

    We strongly encourage you to purchase tickets in advance because the SMPAC box office is only one window and will not be able to accommodate a great deal of walk-up sales and will call the day of the show.  Order your tickets early so they can be mailed to you before performance day and save $7 per ticket!

  • parent volunteers

    The showcase will not be a success without many family volunteers. To become a volunteer, please first apply online through our new application portal.

    All Volunteers must be adults and may be asked to mask during volunteer shifts, depending on community and school caseloads.

    We hope you will give some of your time to make the show run as smoothly as possible by volunteering to assist the staff with keeping the children organized. Complete volunteer details and online sign-up links are below.

    Rehearsal Day Volunteers (May 23-25)

    • Up to 2 volunteers needed per class
    • Supervise students in the studio where they wait for their turn to dance
    • Assist students in putting on costume pieces (instructions will be provided)
    • At designated time, escort class to rehearsal studio
    • At the designated time, escort class from the rehearsal studio to the photo room, wait with them while they are photographed, escort the class back to the rehearsal studio
    • When they are done rehearsing & being photographed, escort students back to dressing room studio and assist in removing costume pieces
    • Supervise the class until each child has been picked-up by a parent

    Performance Day Volunteers (May 26-28)

    • 1-2 volunteers needed per class, as indicated in sign-up
    • Supervise students in dressing room studio where they wait for their turn to dance
    • Assist students in putting on costume pieces (instructions will be provided)
    • When directed by a staff member, escort class backstage and observe them dance from backstage
    • When students are done dancing, escort them back to dressing room studio and supervise them until bows
    • When directed by a staff member, escort class backstage for bows
    • After bows, return to dressing room and assist in removing costume pieces
    • Supervise the class until each child has been picked-up by a parent
    • Backstage supervisors do not need to purchase a ticket to the show; you will be backstage the full show time and will be able to see your child dance from side-stage.

    Volunteer Sign-Up Links

    Boys Class Family Sign Up
    Baumgartner Center for Dance Family Sign Up
    Riverpoint Village Family Sign Up
    Towne Center Family Sign Up

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