Leading Artists

Parker Brasser-Vos

Randy Crespo

Marize Fumero

Alana Griffith

Barry Molina

Lizzie Tripp-Molina

Lahna Vanderbush


Josiah Cook

Eric Figueredo

Craig Freigang

Garrett Glassman

Elizabeth Harrison

Marie Harrison-Collins

Itzel Hernandez

Alexander Koulos

Amanda Lewis

Raven Loan

Daniela Maarraoui

Kristen Marshall

Marko Micov

Alyssa Schilke

Flynn Stelfox

Jacqueline Sugianto

Ransom Wilkes-Davis

Ben Zusi

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School & Academy

Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy provides an encouraging environment where all ages are invited to find and refine their artistry.

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Milwaukee Ballet II

The next generation of dancers. These dancers have dedicated a year of their lives to ballet, training, and performances.

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Donate Today

Supporters of Milwaukee Ballet deserve a standing ovation for their lasting impact on both the company and our community.

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Current Season

Our 2023/24 Season will take you on a transformational journey through dance.

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