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In the Spolight: "Superhero" Alyson Chavez

Alyson and GarrettSuperhero Alyson Chavez with Milwaukee Ballet II Trainee Garrett Glassman as Dr. Injury.

Meet Alyson Chavez. She’s usually the one doing the introducing: As the Director of Community Outreach, Alyson is the face and voice of Milwaukee Ballet, presenting the cherished art form to young, inquiring minds (and bodies!) in classrooms, libraries and community centers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Her knowledge is endless, and her energy is contagious. It never takes her long for her to win over a classroom of even the most skeptical students. Boys can do ballet? Dancers are athletes? Alyson not only proved that, she proved they were superheroes.

Alyson was the driving force behind the Ballet’s popular superhero-themed “The Corps of 4 in ‘Dr. Injury Returns’"!  Thanks to her creativity and hard work, this “Ballet in a Box” show became a full-fledged production, featuring dazzling video elements, booming voiceovers, new costumes and original choreography – and it had audiences of kids pounding on the floor and screaming with delight. As the students cheered for the superheroes on stage, they were learning about the importance of healthy eating, discipline and physical activity.

You’re likely familiar with the adage, “Taking your work home with you.” Alyson does so literally. And often.

One of her major tasks is to manage the trainees in the Nancy Einhorn Milwaukee Ballet II Program. But she is so much more than a manager: She is a mother-hen.  If the trainees’ funds are a little too short to go to the movies or go out to eat, you can bet they’ll be at
Alyson’s house, enjoying a “family dinner” or watching a movie with her and her pup, Rocco.

A new class of trainees has just started to trickle in from all around the word, and Alyson is already a blur of activity: helping them sign leases to their new apartments, taking them to the bank to create accounts, taking them grocery shopping and generally bonding with them and making them feel welcome.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already experienced Alyson’s warmth and wit firsthand. As a regular contributor to our “En Face” blog, she brings you – the reader and Milwaukee Ballet fan – into the fold, giving you an insider’s view into rehearsals and helping you get to know our Company artists.

Alyson's wealth of knowledge, strength of heart and seemingly endless source of energy has led many to believe that she, herself, is a superhero. If you know of a group or organization that would benefit from Alyson’s infectious love of dance, in general, and of Milwaukee Ballet, in particular, please let us know. Alyson will get to you faster than a speeding bullet, and show you how to "leap" tall buildings in a single bound.