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In the Spotlight: "Hype Man" Leslie Rivers

Leslie RiversLeslie rushes into the Opening Night Party with gifts.

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also read a Milwaukee Ballet brochure, a Facebook post, a Tweet or other message from Milwaukee Ballet. And that means you’re already familiar with the handiwork of Milwaukee Ballet Marketing Associate Leslie Rivers, even if you don’t know her name.

With a degree in English from Ripon College, Leslie has a way with words. She makes her mark on virtually all the marketing materials from Milwaukee Ballet, from notes in show programs to emails sent to subscribers.

Leslie is a powerhouse of all things arts and marketing, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her twitter bio brags she’s the “hype man” for Milwaukee Ballet. She knows everyone in the Milwaukee arts community, and she knows how to get things done. Whether she’s generating tickets, arranging a media interview with a company dancer, getting a mailing out the door or engaging with a fan on Twitter, Leslie gives it her all.

Her boss jokes that Leslie is the hardest working woman in show business, a nod to James Brown (who Leslie adores).

“I love what I do,” explains Leslie. “It’s easy to work hard when the results are so tangible. Whether it’s waving to a four-year-old in her first ballet class, or sitting on the floor of the studios while the dancers rehearse, or hearing the roar of the crowd after a performance – I’m constantly in touch with something that inspires me.”

Leslie’s personal and professional interests run the gamut; she approaches everything in her life with her trademark high energy and passion. She can talk sports with the best of ‘em and then turn on a dime to talk about contenders for The Tony Awards.

Recognizing that special events marketing is part of her chosen field, Leslie is always willing to go the extra mile to represent Milwaukee Ballet at a Young Professionals event, an arts fair or anything in between.

Leslie also brings to bear solid institutional knowledge, having been with Milwaukee Ballet for five years. She can tell you what worked – and what didn’t - with a past ad campaign, what’s special about a particular Milwaukee Ballet School & Academy family – even the location of the key to the costume shop, which holds virtually priceless Milwaukee Ballet treasures.

But don’t ask her to tell you where said key is. She won’t tell you. We told you she was smart, didn’t we?