En Face

Hurry Before the Clock Strikes Midnight!

Cinderella—the timeless fairy tale classic. This is a new show I’ve created and am pleased to see how well it has come together. But anything can happen at any time…injuries, cast changes, you name it. It’s the nature of the beast. But it’s what I enjoy doing—I can’t describe how fulfilling it is to see the audience’s reaction on opening night of a show.

The Company has returned as a very strong team. The caliber of our dancers continues to impress me. There are many companies throughout the country that are struggling to exist right now, and some have even closed their doors. Milwaukee is incredibly blessed to have such a stable company like we do.

The cast of Cinderella includes student dancers from Milwaukee Ballet School and with so many bodies in rehearsal it looks like madness to an outsider. But the performance has quickly become a well-oiled machine. Find out more about my interpretation of Cinderella here and rehearsal footage here.

And so we have begun our 40th anniversary season. Performances are already selling out, so I encourage everyone to order tickets from the box office now. And for the best seats and ticket prices, consider a season package.

See you at the show,

Michael Pink
Artistic Director