Notes from Tim O'Donell on Bolero, Let There Be Light

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My partner and I once had an argument about the existence of a God and how relevant religion is in today’s modern society.

I have not created this work to offend anyone, nor do I wish to push my point of view onto anyone. This is a topic I have done a lot of thinking about in the last few years and only now am I starting to understand what my honest beliefs are. As an artist it is important to me that I am honest and in touch with the way I think and feel about things, and that those thoughts and feelings are reflected in my work. So while watching my work please take time to reflect on your own beliefs, and why you believe what you do, because only when you understand your own beliefs can you begin to understand others.

I would like to thank the wonderful dancers of Milwaukee Ballet for once again inspiring me with their hard work, commitment and talent!