Edgar Zendejas

Choregrapher (Mexico)

Mexican born Edgar Zendejas has been evolving as both interpretive artist and choreographer over two decades of dedicated work in the dance community. Fueled by a passion for dance that began in his native city, Zendejas was drawn to the United States where he received a bursary to study at the United States International University. Beginning his interpretive career in Chicago, he performed as a member with such notable companies as: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Giordano Jazz Dance. In the early nineties, Zendejas was engaged by Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal where he found himself evolving as both artist and choreographer. The company's varied repertoire and frequent international tours helped to nurture his emerging interest in the creation. After the successful premiere of Zendejas' first work Breve Enlace, Louis Robitaille (artist director of Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal) offered him the position of associate choreographer with a commission for a new work entitled Besame. Besame Mucho!, which was applauded by Montreal audiences in August 2006. Edgar Zendejas's choreography was further recognized at the Festival Danse Encore where he was presented with awards for his work in 2001 and 2003. This recognition has led to further choreographic commissions in Mexico and the United States, most notably from Jacob's Pillow, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (New York), DanceWorks Chicago, Luna Negra Dance Theater (Chicago), NorthWest Professional Dance Project, and Ballet de Monterrey (Mexico), all of which have worked to increase his North American acclaim.

Recently, Edgar has been appointed as a winner of the Hubbard Street 2 National Choreographic Competition 2010.

The language of Edgar Zendejas's movement is seductive. Coloured by his Mexican heritage, the movement explores the qualities of the human soul with humour and delicacy. His vision of a better world through choreography was realised in January 2006 when he co-founded "ezdanza" along with Julien Gagnon and Neelanthi Vadivel. Since then the company has been evolving as an open space focused on research, creation and dissemination. Zendejas has been joined on this new adventure by a dedicated agent (Zia Artists) and a growing number of internationally acclaimed artists.